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Kodama Forest

Mini Parlor Palm Kokedama - Moss ball, Japanese Living Art, a spin off of Bonsai, Japanese botanical technique.

Mini Parlor Palm Kokedama - Moss ball, Japanese Living Art, a spin off of Bonsai, Japanese botanical technique.

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♥This is a live Palor palm plant kokedama that is potted in a proper mixture of soil and wrapped with moss to help in growth and plant life. The plant may not exactly shown on the picture but I always chose healthy plant for you. You can let me know if you like to see the picture before I sent you.

Best with indirect lighting, avoid south and west-facing windows, as the intense sunlight may scald the leaves or fronds of the ferns. Most ferns like an average room temperature of 65 to 75 degrees F during the day, up to 10 degrees cooler at night.

Size is approx 2-3" diameter x 12 inch tall (All the plant is different, it may be taller or shorter than picture but I will chose most healthy looking plant for you.)

♥Give the gift to special person that just keeps on growing. A lovely moss art installation♥

If you chose with saucer, the saucer will be seller's choice.

♥ If you like to add saucer for your Kokedama, please chose from below link.

♥If you like to keep up with green moss, recommend to buy moss greener.

♥Kokedama (Ko Kay Da Ma) is an arranged plant that grows from a ball of covered soil moss. Moss will keep moisture the soil and plant will be green and healthy. I wish that every owner enjoy and maintain the peaceful mind and energy that this small forest spirit ball produces.

♥Please be careful not to leave the package outside for long time. They are live plants.

♥After you receive your Kokedama package:
1 ) Take out from the package immediately.
2 ) Dip the moss ball into bowl of water and let it soak for 10~20 minutes. (You do not want to dip plant section, only moss part.)
3 ) Squeeze out all excess water from the moss ball, you may want to leave it on a dry container for couple of minutes to prevent any dripping water.
4 ) Now, enjoy your Kokedama bonsai in any style of your creation ; Sitting straight on a clay saucer, Yoga posing on a stick, Hanging down on a thread, etc.

♥Handling and shipping policy :
Ship your order by USPS First Class Mail with a tracking ID. Each Kokedama order, it is required for an overnight prep, pruning, trimming, and fertilizing to get it ready for a trip. Please be careful not to leave your Kokedama package outside in the cold weather. "They are live plants."

♥How to take care of your Kokedama general:
1 ) Place it under the filtered sun.
2) Dip the moss ball into bowl of water 5~10 minutes when moss is start to dry. (Depending on the area) or spray water to the moss ball part to keep it moist but not soggy.-
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