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Kodama Forest

Kokedama - Moss ball with Beautiful Calla Lily

Kokedama - Moss ball with Beautiful Calla Lily

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You will receive Calla Lily Kokedama, size is approx 3.5 x 3.5 x 12~14" inch tall.
The calla lily was named after the Greek word for beautiful.

Kokedama (Ko Kay Da Ma) is an arranged plant that grows from a ball of covered soil moss.
All plant is different and sizd depending on the season you may have more with buds or flower.
Please request me for the picture before ordering if you like.

Following is general care of Kokedama.

1) Place it under the filtered sun.
2) Dip the moss ball into bowl of water (about 1 cup to begin with) 5~10 minutes when moss is start to dry. (Depending on the area) or spray water to the moss ball part to keep it moist but not soggy.

Following is general requirement for Calla Lily.
Calla Lily likes bright indirect light possibly 6 hours per day. Avoid direct sun, especially during the middle of the day, since it will burn the leaves and flowers. Water before the mossball part is dried out by dip into water for 5-10min (Squeeze out the excess water by hand.) Room temperatures should be between 50-75°F, 10-24°C, for optimal growth.

I wish that every owner enjoy and maintain the peaceful mind and energy that this small forest spirit ball produces.

Please be careful not to leave the package outside for long time. They are live plants.

♥After you receive your Kokedama package:
***Take out from the package immediately.***
These are tips to keep your Kokedama look healthy and last long.
After you receive your kokedama package, please read the plant care instruction and follow them. Kokedama has been watered enough to keep moist before ship out but some plant loves moist, some loves being dry out before water. Study and Observe about your plant and adjust with your environment to water.

Handling and shipping policy :

Ship your order by USPS Priority Mail with a tracking ID. Each Kokedama order, it is required for an overnight preparation, pruning and trimming to get it ready for a trip. Please be careful not to leave your Kokedama package outside in the cold weather. "They are live plants."
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