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Kodama Forest

Haworthia fasciata Zebra Succulent Plant Kokedama

Haworthia fasciata Zebra Succulent Plant Kokedama

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Succulents symbolize enduring and timeless love for they are tenacious plants that store water in their thick leaves and stems.

Please message me before you place the order. I like to check with Nursery for inventory of Haworthia fasciata Zebra Succulent first. Thank you!

Size 3 x 3 x 5 inch tall (It is growing, it may be taller than this, you can cut and arrange as you like.)

Kokedama (Ko Kay Da Ma) is an arranged plant that grows from a ball of covered soil moss. The creator wishes that every owner enjoy and maintain the peaceful mind and energy that this small forest spirit ball produces.

Succulent Care
Water the succulents weekly during the growing season. Adjust the frequency of watering by observing your succulent. If the leaves are soggy, it is too much water.
Place the indoor succulent plants in a location with the best light conditions for the specific plant. Most succulents require bright sunlight.
Keep the indoor succulent plants in a cool location during the dormant period. The typical winter temperature range is 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

♥ If you like to add saucer for your Kokedama, please chose from below link.

♥If you like to keep up with green moss, recommend to buy moss greener.

Please be careful not to leave the package outside for long time. They are live plants.

After you receive your Kokedama package:
1 ) Take out from the package immediately.
2 ) Dip the moss ball into bowl of water and let it soak for 10~20 minutes. (You do not want to dip plant section, only moss part.)
3 ) Squeeze out all excess water from the moss ball, you may want to leave it on a dry container for couple of minutes to prevent any dripping water.
4 ) Now, enjoy your Kokedama bonsai in any style of your creation ; Sitting straight on a clay saucer or Hanging down on a thread, etc.

Handling and shipping policy :
Ship your order by USPS Priority Mail with a tracking ID. Each Kokedama order, it is required for an overnight preparation, pruning and trimming to get it ready for a trip. Please be careful not to leave your Kokedama package outside in the cold weather. "They are live plants."
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