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Kadomatsu Kokedama! Japanese New Year Decoration.

Kadomatsu Kokedama! Japanese New Year Decoration.

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Kadomatsu is a decoration with three cut pieces of bamboo and pine for the Japanese New Year’s holiday. After Christmas, you will see this decoration at the entrances of houses’ and buildings’ in Japan.

A kadomatsu (門松, "gate pine") is a traditional Japanese decoration as yorishiro of the New Year placed in pairs in front of homes to welcome ancestral spirits or kami of the harvest.[1] They are placed after Christmas until January 7 (or January 15 during the Edo period) and are considered temporary housing (shintai) for kami. Designs for kadomatsu vary depending on region but are typically made of pine, bamboo, and sometimes ume tree sprigs which represent longevity, prosperity and steadfastness, respectively.[2] "The fundamental function of the New Year ceremonies is to honor and receive the toshigami (deity), who will then bring a bountiful harvest for farmers and bestow the ancestors' blessing on everyone." After January 15 (or in many instances the 19th) the kadomatsu is burned to appease the kami or toshigami and release them. From Wikipedia

It is a decoration purpose only, you do not need to water to keep it up. Normally, this Japanese new year decoration is decorated on 12/28 ~ 1/7.

Size approx. 7 x 7 x 18 inch tall (It is all hand made and bamboo cut were served by local farmer, the size may slightly different.)

♥ If you like to add specific saucers or gift wrapping, please chose from below. link.

♥Handling and shipping policy :
Ship your order by USPS Priority Mail Class with a tracking ID. Each Kokedama order, it is required for an overnight prep, pruning, trimming, and fertilizing to get it ready for a trip.
If the plants was damaged during the shipment, please request for the refund within a day of arrival with the picture.

May the Kokedama bring you peace and tranquility through out your life!

Peace!We can’t accept for refund/complaint for damaged plants due to the weather. Please purchase the heatpack/thermal protection if your area will be affected by temperature for your plants.
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