Kokedama Workshop    (Please scroll down to see different location/date) ​​

Description of Kokedama Class/Workshop:   

There are different theme/plants of Kokedama workshop. You will experience therapeutic, mindfulness workshop with friendly, fun atmosphere. You will learn the skills behind Kokedama include how to make your kokedama and how to take care of Kokedama. Led by Kanako Yamada, owner of Kodama Forest.  Participants receive questions and answers from an expert and all the supplies needed to make your own unique Kokedama.  Theme/plants selection will be different in each class but the fee includes: plants, moss, soils, and all material need to create your own Kokedama.  Enjoy a unique, fun-to-make Kokedama which gives people a peaceful and tranquil mind! Keep for yourself or give as a wonderful living gift.

Please bring an apron or cover-up and glove too if you like.

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Japanese Friendship Garden/Balboa Park/Walk-In

Free Tuesday, Kokedama workshop!

Material fee only walk in kokedama workshop

Date: Third Tuesday of the Month (It may not every month)  Please text (619) 471-5975 to confirm and reserve your spot.

Time: 10:00am ~ 3:00pm

Location: 2215 Pan American Rd E, San Diego, California 92101

Admission is free for San Diego Residents and active military - proof of residence and military is needed. And the link for more information is https://www.balboapark.org/residents-free

Just Walk In, it's a free tuesday, free admission to Japanese Garden and come join us to make your own unique planet like sphere kokedama.

As low as starting from $20 to make one house plant kokedama!  Price varies by plants.