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Fuchsia Kokedama - Moss ball, beautiful loving house decor.

Fuchsia Kokedama - Moss ball, beautiful loving house decor.

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It's the Fuchsia season!! One of my recommended beautiful plants that would flower year after year. (Not so recommend for cold weather area)

Fuchsia likes in bright, indirect light, as fuchsias don’t do well in hot, intense sunlight.
Water the plant regularly during spring and summer, providing water as needed to keep kokedama lightly moist but not soggy.
Fuchsias are heavy feeders that benefit from regular fertilization.

Kokedama (Ko Kay Da Ma) is an arranged plant that grows from a ball of covered soil moss. The creator wishes that every owner enjoy and maintain the peaceful mind and energy that this small forest spirit ball produces. You can think moss ball part as a pot. It is like moss planter.

Size 4 x 4 x 7 inch tall (It is approximately size. Each plant is different, I will hand pick most beautiful and healthy plant for you.)

♥ If you like to add saucer for your Kokedama, please chose from below link.

♥If you like to keep up with green moss, recommend to buy moss greener.

Please be careful not to leave the package outside for long time. They are live plants.

Handling and shipping policy :
Ship your order by USPS Priority Mail with a tracking ID. Each Kokedama order, it is required for an overnight preparation, pruning and trimming to get it ready for a trip. Please be careful not to leave your Kokedama package outside in the cold weather. "They are live plants."

♥General Care of Kokedama
1 ) Place it under the filtered sun.
2 ) Mist the leaves
3 ) Dip the bottom of moss ball (about inch higher from bottom) into bowl of water 5~10 minutes when moss is start to dry. (Depending on the area and plant) or mist water often to the moss ball part to keep it moist but not soggy.
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