For Inspire Charter School Students,

I would like students to learn "appreciation", "respect", and "peaceful mind" throughout the workshop.   I will prepare materials and discussion subject for each workshop. In this workshop, students will work hands on to soil and plants.

Workshop will include...

  • Discussion about benefit of plants
  • Peaceful mind - mindfulness
  • History of Kokedama
  • Kokedama making demonstration
  • Hands on workshop to make own kokedama
    • Materials are all include for the fee.

Workshop Type

A: Bi-weekly workshop at Balboa Park inside of Japanese Friendship Garden.

You can purchase the workshop for each class or series of 6.

- One time class payment

Please include admission fee to the class fee for each class payment.

$ 12 - Adults (18+) $ 10 - Students, Seniors (65+), Active Duty Military (Must show ID) * Children ages 6 and younger are free.

For an example, one 10 years old student to take 2/8/2019 class with a parent.

Class fee = $28  Students admission $10  Adult admission $12  Total = $50   Please submit the amount for certification.

- Six time pass class

You can submit certificates with discount class fee with admission. Please submit the certificate for 6 series in once to confirm you are taking 6 pass series.

For an example, one 10 years old student for six series come along with one adult.  $170 (total of 6 classes) + $60 ($10 admission each) + $72 ($12 admission for a parent) = total of $302

You can submit certificate for each month as well.  Text me for any question (619) 471- 5975

Date & Time Plants Discussion Fee for each class Fee with 6 pass
2/8/2019 1pm Pepperomia Kokedama's history, how to make and care  $28.00  $25.00
2/22/2019 1pm Ivy - Hanging Ivy care, simple marame, moss  $28.00  $25.00
3/8/2019 1pm Ginseng Ficus Ginseng Ficus care, Feng sui  $38.00  $25.00
3/22/2019 1pm Money Tree Money Tree care, benefit of plant 1  $38.00  $25.00
4/12/2019 1pm Ming Aralia Ming Aralia care, benefit of plant 2  $45.00  $30.00
4/26/2019 1pm Orchid Orchid care,  Bontany  $48.00  $40.00


B: Home visiting workshop

Currently I am accepting for Kokedama workshop class for group of 5 or more students.  I will visit their house with material to conduct the workshop.

$38 per one student or depend on the type of plants/ Please contact to book a day!

Owner: Kanako Yamada  (619) 471-5975

If you want to take series of Kokedama workshop, students will create different type of kokedama plants for each class.