My Approach

Thank you for visiting my website  "Kodama Forest".

Kodama means "forest sprits" in Japanese words and this business name was chosen because I wish all my kokedama deliver the peaceful forest spirits to new owner of the kokedama and he or she to share the peaceful world to their family and friends. To expand my dream, I hope my work help to create peaceful earth. I depict kokedama as small earth with little forest plants and I hope everyone enjoy the forest spirits and energy this moss-ball produce.

All kokedama is hand made by myself thinking about people's smile, using the best mixture of soil  for each plants' requirement, and they are wrapped with green preserved moss.

I will accept custom order, please contact with me if your favorite plants can be transform to Kokeama, the little earth ball.

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Kokedama (Ko Kay Da Ma) is unique form of living plant art. These little beauties have quite a history, originally spinning off from a version of the bonsai tradition in Japan in the 1600's. 
It is a ball of soil covered by moss with plants rooted in. 
Typical bonsai usually for outdoor small tree but indoor/outdoor plants can be used with Kokedama form, a variety of flowers, wild flowers, grass and other plants can be arranged to form a desired theme. Because of he small size of the ball the plants will typically remain small with the inside of the ball allowing for growth and development of the plant's root system.

Kokedama has known in Japan as casual horticulture arts but it is still not too popular. It is beautiful living art which gives peaceful and calm mind to people.  I would love to contribute my time to keep this Japanese tradition and hopefully become popular plants art so that it will pass on to future children.

My wishes with this Kokedama plants are that every owner enjoy and maintain the peaceful mind and energy that this small forest spirit ball produces.



Kanako Yamada